Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 158

The regular babysitters have gone on holidays and I had so much anxiety about Jacob going to a new sitters for a week.  I was worried about him not feeling secure and then regressing.  However I attempted to keep all my emotions about this to myself.  So he is going to one of the other little girls who, he has basically known almost as long as he's known me, grandmother's.  He's met the grandma before and she's watched him for about an hour or so before but he's seen her a few times.  So this morning I prepared him, told him that he was going to Mrs.______ and that S would be there and that he would stay there for lunch and then after his nap I would come back and pick him up.  He was totally fine.  Didn't cry at all when I dropped him off.  He did cry some when I picked him up but he sometimes does that.  I have this whole theory about little kids and stress.  I think that their little bodies get stressed when they don't know all the particulars of what is going on and so then they become more anxious and then in turn are more hungry, tired, etc.  Then when they see mom or dad they melt.  They've been putting on this act of bravery all day long, not knowing exactly what is going on but they are having fun and so even though they miss you their little systems are anxious.  Then when they see mom and dad it's like, "oh I missed you so much throughout the day but now you're here and I can't tell you how I missed you so instead I'll be emotional over the littlest things."  Just a theory.  However back to the miracle, thanks God for listening to my prayer and concerns and making Jacob feel secure and okay today and that everything would be okay!

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