Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 159

I don't think that I am a "preachy" friend.  I think that the majority/all my friends know that I believe and have a relationship with God.  I'm open to telling them whatever they want to hear but I often wait for them to bring up questions instead of me  approaching the subject.  I do that because if I was always pushing people to have a relationship with God then I would worry that I would actually turn them off instead of towards.  My blogs and facebook though are my own venues and so I do say what I want on them and people can either choose to read or not.
So the point of this miracle is that a friend asked for prayer on facebook and then quickly took it off.  I saw it though and since she asked for a specific prayer Jacob and I are praying.  The miracle is that I happened to be online and see it and that even though I know she questions the whole existence of God she did ask for help when she needed it.  I read the bible daily and within the next month or so I will have read the entire bible, now just because I did it once I'm not quitting. I will continue to read the bible everyday and get through it cover to cover in one year.  The bible really does have all the answers to life.  Today the scripture that comes to mind is this:
Job 36:15 "But God saves those who suffer through their suffering; he gets them to listen through their pain."
So what does this mean?  Well you know that famous saying, "God will never give you more than you can handle"?  It's not true.  God does give you more than you can handle sometimes and this is when you are to turn to Him and ask for help.  So my dear friend, He does listen, and He will help.  Miracle of the day!

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