Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 174

All day I kept telling myself that God doesn't have to give me a sign to show he's listening.  I don't need to test God to prove he cares.  That's not what I'm supposed to do.  I was a wee bit on edge though because even though D had told me that he would come over tonight a mutual friend had told me he was going to basically tempt D not to see me tonight.  The mutual friend has issues and thinks that D and I should not move so fast.  The friend can take his opinion and do with it something I won't say on this blog.  So in my heart I knew that D would come and resist temptation but in my mind I worried a little, maybe only 15% of me worried, but still it was a worry.  Well the 15% was wasteful worry because D came.  God thanks for just putting my mind to ease that this is indeed real and this indeed is a gift from you and a prayer answered.  Thanks.

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