Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 175

So I spent the greater part of the weekend with D and off and on the conversation of God and church would pop up.  Today he brought it up though, inquisitively.  He asked open heartily how I started going to church, from my mouth I found the words coming, "I've always known I wanted a relationship with God........."  Not to go to church, not to believe in God, not to go to heaven, but a relationship with God.  This is truly the most honest answer I could have given and it easily and simply came from my mouth.  I then went on to explain how God is in my life and what that means to how I live my life, how I raise Jacob.  So then I asked D, "you and church?"  Well he used to go with his grandmother and he hasn't gone in years.  He said that he just can't seem to find the time but that really is a pretty poor excuse because "there is always time for that and I need to make the time"  did you read that right??  He needs to make the time to go to church?  Yes, you did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you God for his open heart to begin to know you.  Prayer definitely answered!

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