Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 171

I tend not to talk a lot about God at work.  I can remember reading that you were supposed to go to work to do God's work because that is where he put you but that you weren't supposed to go there with the intent of preaching about him.  You may wonder why but it is because if I spent all my time focusing on when I could talk to others about God how much effort would I be putting into my own job?  So you would sort of be considered to be stealing time from your employer; not something that God would approve of!  So long story short is that I don't talk about God unless someone brings it up to me.  Today that did happen though and my co-worker had questions about my upcoming date and what if he wasn't as open to God as I and how would that fit.  I went into the entire explanation of what the bible says about a Christian marrying a non Christian and then that lead into what it meant to be a Christian and then that lead into the difference between a person who is saved and what that means after death.  I have never spoken so frankly and openly at work but the words were just flowing and she kept asking questions.  So thanks God for giving the time to do your work today amidst our busy lives and her being open to hearing.  In your time.  Thanks God!

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