Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 178

There are so many little things that I could recognize as miracles today; not getting a parking ticket when the meter ran out.  Apparently the woman who monitors really enjoys giving tickets.  Driving home safely today; I was super tired and yet the roads were dry and clear and I was able to make it home safe and sound.  Jacob being just ecstatic to see me when I got home.  Listening on the drive to various speakers and getting something from each and every one of them.  The most would have been when I listened to Mark Driscoll talk about praying to God.  I finally got it.  God is my dad. Why I felt that it was such a much more formal relationship when I thought of him as father I don't know.  However when I heard him talk about talking to God like your dad I got it.  He's everyone's dad, he's always there and he wants to hear from you; just like your human dad.  So I decided today to start teaching Jacob who his dad is.  I've been teaching him about God for awhile now and he asks about things that God made and where God is and we pray.  Now I  want him to know that God is his dad.  He every once in awhile says this word and I think its because he hears it at the sitters; now I can tell him exactly who his dad is and have an answer for him.  Thanks God for being Dad!

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