Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 190

I got to hold a newborn today.  I'm typically not a baby person.  I know some of you may not believe this but its the truth.  I'm a "little person" person, not so much a baby person.  I'm finding though that lately I'm asking to hold babies that are around.  Does it mean I'm "baby ready"  maybe, am I having a baby anytime soon.  Not yet anyways but I do feel God is opening me up to situations to feel like I could have a baby.  Having a baby actually has scared me.  A number of years ago I had surgery on my stomach and the scar tissue still bothers me and I don't like to touch my stomach.  Recently though this is slowly changing.  My nerves in my stomach are either finally healing or my mind is letting me believe that my stomach is fine.  The more I hold the miraculous little wonders that God gifts people with the more I think that I too would like to have a miracle in my hands one day.  I know each and everyday that Jacob is my miracle from God, but God does give more than one miracle to people sometimes.

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