Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 195

My mom and dad are great.  I don't know if I really appreciate them enough but they are absolutely super people.  They are supportive of almost everything I do and when they aren't supportive or question my decisions I always know it is done out of love and concern.  They have really made being a single parent easy.  So easy to the point that I've never really thought of myself as a single parent.  Today they took Jacob for a visit so that I could spend some time with D.  Something that is going to be a challenge and a balance.  Well challenge, not really.  Jacob loves D and so far D really gets a kick out of Jacob.  However the fact that my parents recognize that we need alone time to get to know each other and that they support this new relationship I'm so thankful for.  Thanks God for giving me two really wonderful parents that as I've gotten older I can also add as friends, not just parents.

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