Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 194

So our relationship is very new and fresh but I took the plunge and did something that I have never done before.  I changed my status.  Yep, I did it, I went and changed it from "single" to "in a relationship".  I wasn't worried about this change until tonight.  D was getting his haircut at a mutual friend, the only friend that I am also friends with on the social website.  I had some worry about the friend making comments to him about my relationship status being changed and then him saying that I shouldn't have changed the status.  I know a lot of worry for no good reason but in the past this is exactly something that would have happened to me with the guys I used to see.  All that uneasiness was rest assured when he walked in and said I was supposed to call the mutual friend later.  So the girl in me analysed the situation and realized that clearly he and she had talked, whether or not she mentioned the relationship status didn't matter because she knew we were together and it didn't matter because it is the truth, can you hear the harps??  I'm in a relationship and I don't need to worry!!!  Thanks God for this assurance and I'll stop worrying now.

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