Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 80

It was church day, and my favorite day of the week!  I love Sundays, have for years, even before I was a regular attender of church, just really like Sundays.  Well this Sunday was even better because it was the kids Christmas concert at church.  We have 3 different age categories of Sunday school, alpha-bits, 3-5yrs, alpha, 5-7yrs, and omega, 7 and up.  The 7 and up did a puppet show and then sang a song.  Well while they sang a song the alpha group played shakers to go along with the song, and the alpha bits all dressed up as the nativity scene.  There was a Mary, a Shepard, an elephant (I know, but hey kids got to pick their costumes and every nativity needs an elephant!) and a Joseph.  Jacob was Joseph.  It is times like these that I realize how he is growing up so fast and I baby him sometimes.  He stood up on stage listening intently to the puppets singing and then when it was all over he clapped along with everyone else.  It is just so precious to see him change and grow and each day I'm thankful for him and each day there are several moments through the day that I just stop and am grateful for him.  I wonder in awe how it came to be that I was so lucky to have him as a son.  So the whole day and Jacob are my miracles of the day, thanks God.

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