Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 74

Today my co-worker and I went on an adventure, we had to make a couple stops in different towns for business.  We spent more time trapped in the vehicle visiting than we did actually doing business, just based on distance not because of road conditions. 
I had prayed about this trip before hand though.  I prayed that the conversation would allow me to bring up God.  I didn't want to push it on her but I know she isn't a Christian and I just wanted to share with her. It happened.  We were talking about psychics, something I feel very strongly about.  I just said that I believe what the bible says and was able to tell her what the bible says about psychics, then I spoke of my own personal experience.  I didn't share much more because the conversation didn't lead to that again, and I know that I didn't offend her, we're good enough friends that we don't offend each other with different opinions.  So I'll just pray that more opportunities will arise for me to talk to her, because today God did answer my prayer, so thanks to the Man upstairs!

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