Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 67

About a month ago an acquaintance had sent me a message on face book that they wanted to come to church sometime.  I welcomed them coming and we kept in touch.  Finally this past Sunday it worked for them to come!!  So then I wondered how it was that they decided that they wanted to come to church.  Well my friend, Corey has come to church a few times with me and then he would go to their house afterwards and tell them how good he felt after he came.  So this made her decide she wanted to come.  Now how did Corey decide to come?  Well his grandmother had passed away and he really loved and respected his grandmother so he decided that he would like to go to church, when he went to her funeral he saw my picture on the wall so he knew I went.  He called the day of her funeral and asked if he could come sometimes.  I welcomed him to come.  I wondered if he liked coming or if he was doing his "duty" to his grandmother by coming but after him sharing with other people that he is going and how he feels is so great to hear. 
My other miracle of the day is hearing Jacob sing.  Lately he has started to sing and today he sang Jingle bells over and over again.  Sweet music to my ears!

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