Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 70

Thursdays are always a really busy day.  I pick up Jacob and then have a quick bite to eat then he goes to my friends, they take him to BG club, and I go to a meeting, and then we meet back up after the meeting at my friends.  This Thursday was a bit different.  I had a pampered chef party to do so it was pick him up, come home, pack everything up, drop him off, head out........ you get the idea. 
Well when I picked him up from the sitters he was in a Grrr-umpy mood.  I thought, oh know this is going to not go well dropping him off tonight.  I even called my friends daughter and forewarned her that he probably was going to be very upset when I left today.  Well he shocked me.  He got there and was totally settled, no crying, no whining, not upset at all.  So this is my miracle because I was already feeling very guilty leaving him tonight when he had been so grumpy earlier and just wanted to snuggle so for him to be totally fine let me let go of the guilt.  Thank you God.

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