Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 68

Oh my word.  I had food poisoning today.  No that is not the miracle of the day; that I survived it.  I actually went to work and worked through it.  I have been sick at least once per week since I returned to work full time so I figured I'd just take some Imodium and suffer through it.  It was definitely a very long day.  When I went to the sitters to get Jacob I said how I had been sick and Mrs. K said to Jacob, "you go home and take care of mom."  So off we go home and he was hungry so I got him an orange to snack on before supper.  What does Jacob do, takes a piece and says, "share mom" while handing it to me.  Yep, my little boy was taking care of me.  How can that not be the miracle of today?!

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