Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 76

Well I had been contemplating working 3/4 time, however after the weekend and how I felt so organized after having the Friday afternoon off I thought that maybe I needed to give this schedule more of a chance before I took a cut in pay, change in pension and all that jazz.  So I went in and told my supervisor that I wanted to remain full time.  Not the reaction I expected!  She was thrilled, so happy that I wanted to remain full time and told me that she thought it was a wise decision.  She also told me that she thought it was wise because I needed to think about where I want my career to go.  Well this may be a glimmer of what she is thinking because our organization is extremely flat, there's us, her, and our provincial director, so really the only place I can go is somewhere else or to her job when she retires.  I haven't convinced myself yet that is a place I want to go but her reaction tells me that maybe that is where her thoughts are.  So her reaction tells me I made the right decision and that is my miracle of the day.

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