Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 75

Today I had to go and do a part of my job that is new to me.  I had to go and investigate if a person was causing harm to someone they were guardian for.  In this case it was thought a little elderly woman did not have dementia and she was being locked up for no reason.  After about ten minutes it was quite apparent though she did have dementia and that the complainant is having a hard time accepting the diagnosis and situation.  What could possibly be the miracle of this?  Well this little woman spoke very frankly about her situation, she knew she was in a locked unit, she knew she wasn't happy being there, she knew that in her marriage she didn't pay attention to all of the matters that went on in the household, she had wisdom.  Her wisdom about life that she shared with me was the miracle of today.  Even in her state she had wisdom and it made me appreciate that no matter how the brain is functioning people still have wisdom to share and we should listen.  She was a wonderful woman and I feel greatful to have spent time with her even if it was for something unpleasant.

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