Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 79

Each year I make a homemade gift for my nieces and nephew.  It started with my first born niece, when she turned 2 I made her a scrapbook of all her family in it for Christmas.  Then it just kept going.  Last year I made all the kids knitted sweaters.  Now the thing about my tradition is though that I am usually finishing up the gifts on Christmas Eve after church!  This year I decided to sew them something since I didn't really knit much this past year.  I made them each a teddy bear.  It takes me about an hour and a half per bear, I've made a few now.  So I got up nice and early, got out the fabric and made a little assembly line of 3 bears.  Well not really, I made one kitty, one puppy, and one bunny, all same bodies, just different ear styles.  I am happy to say that I started and finished the stuffies all in one day and they were wrapped and placed under the tree.  Jacob and I just hung out at home all day and he got to play all day and I got the gifts done.  We should have more days like this.  So thanks God for not putting any interruptions in our way to have this kind of day!

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