Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 71

I have been feeling overwhelmed.  Too much on my plate and I needed to prioritize.  I vented to my close friend about this.  She told me that I could leave Jacob with them whenever I wanted.  This isn't something I do often.  I have yet to feel like I "need a break" from him, like many parents say they need.  I just don't.  I like having him around and it isn't him that makes me feel overwhelmed its everything on my plate.  Work, pampered chef, new year's eve, small group, housework, all of it.  So the opportunity to work 3/4 time may have opened up.  I'm going to seriously think about it.  I'm quitting selling pampered chef.  I will still make small orders when people request but no parties, trade fairs or anything like that.  I will only do small group or new year's, not both.  So winter months I'll do small group, fall months I'll do new year's.  House work, well I've put out feelers for a house keeper but nothing yet.  Work I also rearranged my schedule so that it works that I get Friday afternoons off. 
Back to my friend though today she just decided that her family was going to take Jacob shopping with them tonight, I didn't have a choice.  You know I got so much done!   I felt so good to get all my housework done and it isn't that Jacob is in the way for me to get it done but I don't have to worry about taking him to the bathroom, getting him a drink, or a snack, etc for 3 whole hours!  That's what I needed though, for her to tell me she was taking him because I just won't ever ask.  What a great gift she gave me tonight!

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