Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 119

I know I've said before how thankful I am for my pastor and the ability to ask him questions whenever I have them.  Most recently I was reading Exodus 4:24 and it said that God met Moses in the desert and was about to kill him.  I was dumbfounded.  WHAT???  Moses was supposed to save the Israelites and take them out of Egypt.  Why would God do that?  So I turned to Pastor Norm.  He sent me an email back of why and I sort of got it but not totally.  Well then in church today he announces that he is going to start sharing some of the questions that people ask him sometimes.  It was my question that he shared.  I was quite thankful because then I thought maybe I would get this explanation and I wouldn't have to email him again and say, "what, I still don't get it".  Hearing his explanation I did understand.  Hello, he's God.  He can do anything.  If he killed Moses he could have just assigned someone else to save the Israelites.  So why did he think about killing Moses?  Because Moses continually disobeyed and God finally had enough.  Now why did that one little verse stand out to me and I get hung up on it?  I think I was supposed to.  It brought my relationship with God back into perspective.  How often do I disappoint Him and yet he keeps forgiving me and giving me another day to get it right?  Every single day I disappoint Him and disobey but He loves me enough to give me another day to get it right even though He knows I'll screw that one up too. 
So thanks God for your word and my days and your forgiveness.

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