Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 128

I went out for supper tonight to La Creperie.  I didn't eat out last night because I was pacing myself budget wise.  I was staying only a few blocks away from La Creperie and I only eat there once in a blue moon and felt like tonight was a good night to go. 
I don't mind eating in restaurants alone, I'm used to it now.  If you've ever been to this restaurant though you'll know that sometimes when you are attempting to be alone you can't be, tables are either completely by themselves in their own little nook or they are all together in one space.  I was in a spot where I couldn't help but overhear the couple a few feet away from me through the entire meal. 
It was a pleasant experience actually.  The couple, university students I'd say, were discussing their friends and how they are Christian and how they sometime feel the urge to do things that their non-Christian friends do but that they would rather be at a function with their friends and live through God than to join in.  It was great to hear how other Christians struggle.  I know I do.  One of my closest friends recently told me that they don't think of me as "The Christian".  They know that it is a huge part of my life but that I'm not pushy about it and so I'm not seen as the wonky "Christian".  I do struggle though.  Don't get me wrong, I love God but I do struggle with always thinking "am I living holy, the way God wants me to?"
Hearing fellow Christians with the same struggle is a comfort that I'm not alone.  Thanks God for this couple and their struggle as well.

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