Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 134

You know how there are some people who you come across in life that are just never happy?  I have a family like that.  When I first started working with them they weren't happy with much so I listened to their requests.  We worked through the systems and after many meetings and time we were successful in getting their requests, success!  Or so I thought, then more dissatisfaction came and more requests.  Again more meetings and again we worked together and were able to get them what they wanted.  Well now again they are unhappy and have a list of requests.  I've felt frustrated now with them because I feel like they will never be happy with anything and I haven't known how to call them on their constant dissatisfaction when in all reality they are getting their requests.  So before the meeting today I just asked for some words of wisdom to talk to them so that I didn't come off seeming like I wasn't hearing them but that I did have concern but that they needed to show some happiness with what they already had.  Oh did I mention this was a religious figure that I was meeting with too?!  You would think that would make someone not be such a negative nancy but apparently not.  So the meeting was had.  After the meeting they walked away and were happy with the results.  I then asked my counterpart if I had gotten my point across.  She said yes!  What a relief, I said what I had to say but obviously in a way that was sensitive to the situation so that the family still felt supported.  I guess my prayer asking for words of wisdom was answered!  Thanks God. 

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