Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 129

I'm taking a course through work and it is a cross ministry course in which I know no one in it.  Then we are put into small groups that will be "our" group for the next year.  We work together on different projects and really drive our own goals and projects.  It's interesting to meet other government co-workers.  I didn't know how many different jobs there were in government.  For example there is a woman in my group that audits the cost of forest fires?!  I had no clue that someone would audit that but I guess it does make sense that they need to know the cost so that they can forecast it in the future budget.  Everything always comes down to the budget. 
Okay moving on to the miracle of the day.  I had another "immediate" answered prayer.  This may sound like a super silly request but seriously I did pray about it.  In the big group we had done a meet and greet where you had to put one truth on one shoulder and one lie on the other then people had to walk around and ask yes or no questions to find out which was true and then that resulted in conversation starters.  It was engaging and fun.  So my truth, I ride horses, my lie, I raise dogs.  Another person had "I sky dive" and "I'm and animal activist".  Well the animal activist part was the truth.  Now I like animals and don't agree with puppy mills, animals being starved to death, or even want to put my dog down even though she has bitten Jacob.  I though am guilty of having an opinion on animal activists, not a good one.  I would rather see people save people than animals when it comes right down to it.  This of course is my opinion and you can choose to disagree or agree but it is my opinion.  So anyways my prayer was to not be placed in the group with the animal activist.  Guess what????  I wasn't!!! Nor was I in the group that called themselves the Buddha bunnies.  I would have had to say I don't agree with calling ourselves that name and this may have labeled me the "wierdo Christian" but I would have done it.  Nope, instead I was placed in a group that seems really good and we chose to call ourselves the 5 I'd Friendlee Giants; focus on I and E's because that is how many extroverts and introverts in our group.  Plus we have a few amiable people, hence the friendlee.  Giants because we didn't like the monster association.  Wierd and quite the long explanation but there you have it. Prayer answered, miracle of the day done!

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