Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 121

I have one year of daily miracles to be thankful for today.  Today it was officially one year ago that I met Jacob.  I can remember it like yesterday; I waited patiently at the kitchen table and then pretty soon this little boy came down carried in someone's arms and then was placed in mine.  It was so great, and everyday since has been just as great.
I have another miracle though today; one that I had prayed about.  I met with a family member today who has been difficult to deal with.  I prayed that this family member and I would meet and change the pattern of other relationships that had occurred in the past.  I was almost ready for a battle because this is what has occurred in the past.  I prayed before we met though, prayed that it would be a casual meeting, where we both felt that we were working together, not against eachother.  The meeting went well; yes the notebook came out and they started to write everything I said down.  Within 10 minutes though the pen was dropped and it became a nice friendly chat.  Will it keep going this smoothly?  I don't know.  What I do know is that I'll keep praying that it will and maybe I'll get to keep thanking God after each meeting like I am today.  Thanks God!

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