Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 213

I belong to a group of women who together raise money for families in need in our local community.  We found that we would like to have one more person join our group.  We agonize on who would be a good fit with our personalities because there is a lot of fun that we have and not all people might get our humor.  Last year we were approached by a local home business who wanted to help us out and donate a cake to our big event.  Through this donation we got to know the family of the home business and the woman really seemed like she might be a good fit for our group and so we discussed it amongst us and decided to invite her to join us.  She is an amazing fit and I actually foresee her becoming the next  chairperson one day which is great news for me because I don't want to be chairperson for many more years.  So thanks God for blessing our group with this woman but also thank you for bringing her to me so that she may one day take my place in the group and we will all feel comfortable with it.

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