Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 211

I have been trying to get an elderly man his dying wish for about 4 years now.  He has a request to go back to his home country and then pass away there.  Well to figure out how to get an incapacitated man, with no friends or family to take him to a different country is a difficult feat.  A few years ago I was able to find a man who was willing to be hired to take him.  This ended up not happening because the elderly man became paranoid that the companion was going to steal all his money.  So we had to start from scratch all over again.
Well the elderly fellow said that he still had family in his home country so we were able to miraculously locate a nephew and thought that it was going to work for him to go and live with the nephew.  That is until in the 4th phone conversation the nephew asked for $50,000 cash to take his uncle.  So that was no longer going to be a viable option. 
So the man does have a friend who spends a lot of time with him but the issue was that the trustee wouldn't allow the man to pay for someone else to accompany him to go and the friend isn't well off enough to pay for a trip "just because".  So yet another roadblock to getting this man his dying wish.  Well a few months ago his file was transferred and he was assigned a new trustee, originates from this man's home country and has visited that country numerous times.  This trustee is willing to allow this man to go back to his home country, take his companion and enjoy his money while he's still alive.  What a miracle!  After so man roadblocks we finally are all working together to get this man his dying wish.  Now you can't tell me that any of this isn't a miracle.  It all is, every single step of the way has been a miracle.  Thanks God, and thank you for allowing me to do your work.

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