Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 207

I've been reading the bible everyday now and have read it cover to cover.  Something I have to say I never thought that I would do but now that I've done it once I will just continue to read it everyday for the remainder of my life.  It really is a good book.  I enjoy the little nuggets of goodness that I get from God to apply to my life but I also enjoy the historical content of it.  Can you imagine a little teenager coming out and saying he would defeat a giant and then doing it??  He did, and reading the actual story of how it transpired is interesting. 
With reading the bible though I do have questions about what is written sometimes and my pastor is so wonderful in that he encourages us to have questions and ask them, don't put them off or aside and think any question is a dumb question.  Today I had some questions and Norm was more than willing to sit down and answer them all.  The beautiful thing about this is that he uses the bible to answer all the time, he doesn't use his own interpretation.  Thanks God for this leader and friend.

Pastor Norm

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