Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 208

I wanted to somehow still incorporate the fun that Easter can be be but not lose sight of the fact that it is about Jesus, and not a fake bunny.  I've avoided the entire conversation about "guess who's coming the easter bunny...." This morning our town hosted an easter egg hunt and there was a bunny there.  It was easy though to not make a big deal of the bunny because it was a local bear mascot with bunny ears.  So we participated in the egg hunt and Jacob did find an egg he was more interested in playing in the park though rather than looking for eggs.  So really did I need to have worry about how to teach my son about what this holiday is about; not really.  As long as he's having fun it really doesn't matter.  So thanks God for making it easy to teach Jacob about the true meaning and he not getting wrapped up in societies beliefs about a fake bunny.

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