Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 210

I don't often pray and have a request in which I want an immediate answer but today I did.  I was at the farm with Daniel and he had to pull a calf.  I've seen this happen numerous times before and have been fine with witnessing it happening.  Today though was different.  For whatever reason as I was watching the miracle of birth I started to feel light headed, then I started to see spots, and then everything started to get blurry.  I was going to pass out!  SO I said a prayer to God asking him to help me through this and to not let me faint in front of Daniel and his grandpa, what a sight I would have been falling down and fainting during my first calf experience with them!  I started breathing deep and praying more.  His grandpa was talking to me and I just answered with yes or no and kept praying.  God answered me and I didn't pass out and was fine.  Then later I did chores with Daniel and I wondered if I should tell him or not.  I bit the bullet and told him.  Well it could have gone either way; he could have been sympathetic or he could have laughed at me.  He was very humble and didn't make fun of me but rather told me of a story of when he was skinning a calf, yes I said skinning, and he all of a sudden woke up and was getting trampled by a cow.  So he didn't fare as well as I did in not passing out.  So thanks God for answering me right then and there. 
An aside.  When a calf dies they skin it and then if there is an orphan calf they put the skin on the orphan calf and re-introduce it to the cow that lost her calf.  It's 99% successful; and also known as adoption on the farm!!

Easter Monday; doing chores with Daniel.  Not passing out with the calf being born.

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