Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 134

You know how there are some people who you come across in life that are just never happy?  I have a family like that.  When I first started working with them they weren't happy with much so I listened to their requests.  We worked through the systems and after many meetings and time we were successful in getting their requests, success!  Or so I thought, then more dissatisfaction came and more requests.  Again more meetings and again we worked together and were able to get them what they wanted.  Well now again they are unhappy and have a list of requests.  I've felt frustrated now with them because I feel like they will never be happy with anything and I haven't known how to call them on their constant dissatisfaction when in all reality they are getting their requests.  So before the meeting today I just asked for some words of wisdom to talk to them so that I didn't come off seeming like I wasn't hearing them but that I did have concern but that they needed to show some happiness with what they already had.  Oh did I mention this was a religious figure that I was meeting with too?!  You would think that would make someone not be such a negative nancy but apparently not.  So the meeting was had.  After the meeting they walked away and were happy with the results.  I then asked my counterpart if I had gotten my point across.  She said yes!  What a relief, I said what I had to say but obviously in a way that was sensitive to the situation so that the family still felt supported.  I guess my prayer asking for words of wisdom was answered!  Thanks God. 

Day 133

Today I had an early morning; I had to drive to meet a new staff who was starting in another office.  I'm so excited and thankful because this was a prayer answered.  She had stood out to me as someone who may be a good fit to our team and in our role.  I had approached her and suggested she apply and then we chatted a bit about the job, she did a tonne of research about what we do and looked in great detail on our website to get as much information as she could.  I remember on the day and close to the time of her interview I prayed to God that she would be successful in the interview and then successful in getting the job.  She was and today is her first day.  So thanks God for a prayer answered, aka miracle!

Day 132

OOOOh boy did I ever wake up cranky today.  Everything just put me in an off mood and I was on edge about everything.  Jacob seemed to be exceptionally whiny too so that just made everything that much more annoying to me.  We both had an afternoon nap and I had said a little prayer that we would wake up in a better mood.  Guess what??  We did.  Thanks God for the sleep and better moods!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 131

I did a trade show today.  I don't often do them, in fact this is only my second one but it was a cheap table so I figured why not.  I had a few sales so it did make it worth my time to go.  Plus I met two new people who were at the table by me and that made the day fly by.  So thanks God for the new two found friends because that is always more valuable than any money I could put in my pocket!

Day 130

My oh my oh my.  I woke up this morning and shortly after Jacob got up.  Took off his diaper, had his morning pee, had breakfast, played for a while and then all of a sudden I hear "need go pee".  DA DA, do you hear the harps????  Yes he said it, finally.  Four times today actually and no accidents!  All day he has been telling me when he had to go pee and a miracle has happened.  Thanks so much God!

Day 129

I'm taking a course through work and it is a cross ministry course in which I know no one in it.  Then we are put into small groups that will be "our" group for the next year.  We work together on different projects and really drive our own goals and projects.  It's interesting to meet other government co-workers.  I didn't know how many different jobs there were in government.  For example there is a woman in my group that audits the cost of forest fires?!  I had no clue that someone would audit that but I guess it does make sense that they need to know the cost so that they can forecast it in the future budget.  Everything always comes down to the budget. 
Okay moving on to the miracle of the day.  I had another "immediate" answered prayer.  This may sound like a super silly request but seriously I did pray about it.  In the big group we had done a meet and greet where you had to put one truth on one shoulder and one lie on the other then people had to walk around and ask yes or no questions to find out which was true and then that resulted in conversation starters.  It was engaging and fun.  So my truth, I ride horses, my lie, I raise dogs.  Another person had "I sky dive" and "I'm and animal activist".  Well the animal activist part was the truth.  Now I like animals and don't agree with puppy mills, animals being starved to death, or even want to put my dog down even though she has bitten Jacob.  I though am guilty of having an opinion on animal activists, not a good one.  I would rather see people save people than animals when it comes right down to it.  This of course is my opinion and you can choose to disagree or agree but it is my opinion.  So anyways my prayer was to not be placed in the group with the animal activist.  Guess what????  I wasn't!!! Nor was I in the group that called themselves the Buddha bunnies.  I would have had to say I don't agree with calling ourselves that name and this may have labeled me the "wierdo Christian" but I would have done it.  Nope, instead I was placed in a group that seems really good and we chose to call ourselves the 5 I'd Friendlee Giants; focus on I and E's because that is how many extroverts and introverts in our group.  Plus we have a few amiable people, hence the friendlee.  Giants because we didn't like the monster association.  Wierd and quite the long explanation but there you have it. Prayer answered, miracle of the day done!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 128

I went out for supper tonight to La Creperie.  I didn't eat out last night because I was pacing myself budget wise.  I was staying only a few blocks away from La Creperie and I only eat there once in a blue moon and felt like tonight was a good night to go. 
I don't mind eating in restaurants alone, I'm used to it now.  If you've ever been to this restaurant though you'll know that sometimes when you are attempting to be alone you can't be, tables are either completely by themselves in their own little nook or they are all together in one space.  I was in a spot where I couldn't help but overhear the couple a few feet away from me through the entire meal. 
It was a pleasant experience actually.  The couple, university students I'd say, were discussing their friends and how they are Christian and how they sometime feel the urge to do things that their non-Christian friends do but that they would rather be at a function with their friends and live through God than to join in.  It was great to hear how other Christians struggle.  I know I do.  One of my closest friends recently told me that they don't think of me as "The Christian".  They know that it is a huge part of my life but that I'm not pushy about it and so I'm not seen as the wonky "Christian".  I do struggle though.  Don't get me wrong, I love God but I do struggle with always thinking "am I living holy, the way God wants me to?"
Hearing fellow Christians with the same struggle is a comfort that I'm not alone.  Thanks God for this couple and their struggle as well.

Day 127

I don't recall very often asking for something "right now" to God.  Today I did.  I had to make a phone call to Europe and connections, phone cards, weren't all working so we couldn't get through.  The person that I was making the phone call with was getting antsy and they wanted us to leave the public building and go to their home to make the phone call.  It's not that I didn't want to go to their home because I felt safe as much as I didn't see the point time wise.  We were already late in calling and if we left and went to their home it would just eat up more time and I had more appointments that day.  So I said a prayer and asked for God to have everything work out "right now" so that the call would work.  I dialed again and it worked, we had the phone call and for this I am thankful.  Thankful for the phone call to overseas, thankful for the translator sitting next to me, thankful that someone over there actually also spoke English so could translate to who I had to talk to, thankful that God did answer my prayer immediately.  See He does listen and my timing and His just lined up today!

Day 126

 When people pray I often wonder how often they think that the prayer will actually come true.  Do we pray just so that we can say we're praying or do we believe what we're praying.  Well the last couple days I've been praying for God to heal Jacob.  He's been sick for the past few days with a fever and cold.  Each day I would ask God to heal him as fast as He felt was necessary.  Well this morning Jacob woke up with no fever and barely any sniffles.  So prayer answered.  Thanks God.

Day 125

 If you've been reading my blog since the beginning you'll have realized that I don't need a big miracle each   day to realize that God gifts us each and everyday.  I hope that this has put some perspective into your own life so that you stop and see all of the "gifts" that happen everyday in your own life.  Today I broke my coffee pot.  This was the second one this week.  I broke my regular coffee pot and so I took out the old percolator and was using it and then I somehow dropped the top of it and it shattered.  So down to no coffee pots.  Not a good thing for me.  Over the past 5 or so years I've become a coffee lover.  I love my morning coffee.  So off we tracked to see if I could find one at the local second hand shop.  I found just a plain jane coffee pot that you plug in, no timer or clock or anything but for a couple bucks I was happy. Then as I was making my way to the till I saw a box with a coffee pot in it.  I looked and realized that it was actually a coffee/cappuccino maker!  What a deal!  I took it up to pay for it and it was $4.00, yes only $4.  I happily paid and then went home to try out my purchase.  Works like a charm and the timer even works so I can wake up to fresh coffee!!!  What a deal, what a gift.  Would some think that this is a miracle, maybe, maybe not.  I do though and so thanks for the little gift of the day because I do appreciate my coffee!!

Day 124

 Since Jacob arrived I can't say that I ever go to many adult only functions.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have it any other way.  However when I'm not with him there is usually a purpose.  I'm at work, I'm at small group, I'm at a meeting for New Year's, I'm doing Pampered Chef.  Just not ever out at adult only places.  Well today was a friends birthday and my other friend was going.  We shared a babysitter and I put Jacob to bed at her house and then we went out.  It was a lot of fun and I totally enjoyed myself and knew he was safe and sound asleep, not missing me or upset that I left him because he was asleep!  So thanks for the friends that have the niece that can babysit, thanks for us being able to share her, thanks for the night out and good fun with some old and new friends.  Thanks for the overall night.

Day 123

Jacob woke up with a fever today, nose running, lethargic, just not feeling well.  We stayed home today. Now it may not seem like there is really anything to be thankful to God for today but there is.  It's all about perspective.  I am healthy.  Feeling really good, not even a sniffle. So thanks God for giving me my health today to be an attentive mom to my little sick man when he's feeling not so well.

Day 122

So I have two courses left until I have my degree; 14 years later I am close to having a piece of paper saying that I know something.  Many things have held me up from getting my degree; I could go on and on about the barriers, really the only one is me.  I'm a little lazy, I'm a procrastinator, I don't budget enough to manage to pay for all the courses.  Well this past week my boss came in and pushed me a little harder yet again.  She asked when I was going to finish.  So again I find the motivation to start and this time hopefully finish finally.  Now the miracle/gift is that my boss is finding a way for them to pay $500 towards my courses which is almost one whole course.  So I am thankful for two things; her pushing me to finish what I started and two; her finding a way to pay for almost one entire course.  Thanks for these two gifts!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 121

I have one year of daily miracles to be thankful for today.  Today it was officially one year ago that I met Jacob.  I can remember it like yesterday; I waited patiently at the kitchen table and then pretty soon this little boy came down carried in someone's arms and then was placed in mine.  It was so great, and everyday since has been just as great.
I have another miracle though today; one that I had prayed about.  I met with a family member today who has been difficult to deal with.  I prayed that this family member and I would meet and change the pattern of other relationships that had occurred in the past.  I was almost ready for a battle because this is what has occurred in the past.  I prayed before we met though, prayed that it would be a casual meeting, where we both felt that we were working together, not against eachother.  The meeting went well; yes the notebook came out and they started to write everything I said down.  Within 10 minutes though the pen was dropped and it became a nice friendly chat.  Will it keep going this smoothly?  I don't know.  What I do know is that I'll keep praying that it will and maybe I'll get to keep thanking God after each meeting like I am today.  Thanks God!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 120

Tonight was my small group.  I have probably thanked God for my small group before but each time I meet with them it is more meaningful.  Tonight we were able to have a frank conversation amongst fellow Christians and really question if we are always living for God or are we sometimes giving in to satan and his agenda.  Do we gossip, do we harbour bitterness, do we lie, cheat, steal, lust, it goes on and on.  We do, however do we recognize it?  It was great to be able to listen to a pastor speak so frankly and give us each confidence to then call out our fellow Christians when we see them doing something that isn't Godly.  As Christians you are to lead by example and live a life of grace, sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the humanly world though and think that its okay to sin just a little.  But it isn't.  Ever.  Sometimes we need to hear the harsh reality of that to put it back into perspective.  So thanks God for Mark Driscoll and his frankness and confidence in calling people out when they aren't leading a Godly life.

Day 119

I know I've said before how thankful I am for my pastor and the ability to ask him questions whenever I have them.  Most recently I was reading Exodus 4:24 and it said that God met Moses in the desert and was about to kill him.  I was dumbfounded.  WHAT???  Moses was supposed to save the Israelites and take them out of Egypt.  Why would God do that?  So I turned to Pastor Norm.  He sent me an email back of why and I sort of got it but not totally.  Well then in church today he announces that he is going to start sharing some of the questions that people ask him sometimes.  It was my question that he shared.  I was quite thankful because then I thought maybe I would get this explanation and I wouldn't have to email him again and say, "what, I still don't get it".  Hearing his explanation I did understand.  Hello, he's God.  He can do anything.  If he killed Moses he could have just assigned someone else to save the Israelites.  So why did he think about killing Moses?  Because Moses continually disobeyed and God finally had enough.  Now why did that one little verse stand out to me and I get hung up on it?  I think I was supposed to.  It brought my relationship with God back into perspective.  How often do I disappoint Him and yet he keeps forgiving me and giving me another day to get it right?  Every single day I disappoint Him and disobey but He loves me enough to give me another day to get it right even though He knows I'll screw that one up too. 
So thanks God for your word and my days and your forgiveness.